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Now you can negotiate and settle those unpaid debts FREE with SettleiTsoft debt settlement App

Now You Can Negotiate from Your Mobile Device!

SettleiTsoft® - Mobile Application - enable debtors to establish a convenient and seamless electronic means of communication as their preferred negotiation method. This process should stop harassing collection calls from creditors and allow the unpaid debt obligation to be amicably resolved.

Download the SettleiTsoft App and enjoy the convenience of streaming real time access via your internet-connected mobile device so you may start, continue or finish your debt settlement process anywhere, anytime.

The platform enables the debt negotiation and settlement process “on the go” through secure, easy to use web portals and phone application. SettleiTsoft features include automatic archiving of all communications within the platform for auditing purposes, the ability to search all interactions and the capacity of adjusting the debt negotiation process in real time.

The Smart Way to Combat Predatory Collection Practices.

SettleiTsoft® App helps consumers validated the creditor credentials; therefore, eliminating scammers who falsely claim the right to collect the consumer’s debt. Debtors in financial crisis are constantly harassed by predatory collection practices. Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), the collector may have up to 30 days to respond to the validation you requested through the SettleiTsoft system.

SettleiTsoft was designed to replace the traditional methods of debt resolution with an intuitive, interactive, transparent and secure online debt settlement process that gives consumers complete control of negotiations as to the terms of their debt settlements and creditor payment agreements.

SettleiTsoft helps debtors to combat predatory collection practices and digitally negotiate unpaid debt settlement agreements in a secure virtual environment.

Negotiate individual debts with SettleiTsoft debt settlement App

Go to the Apps Store and download the Mobile App to activate:

  • Instant access to your files, settlement process and notes.
  • Full functionality and control of your settlement process at your fingertips.
  • Conveniently access, revise and store documents 24/7.

You may be required to set up a  SettleiTsoft Pro account to have full access to the Mobile Device App.

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