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Connect and Collect™ with SettleiTsoft® Enterprise
Digital Collection Management System


  • Debtors
  • Accounts
  • Initial Offers


  • Mail
  • E-Mail
  • Phone*

Connect to Debtor

  • Download App
  • Accept Invite

Negotiate Virtually

  • Accept,
  • Reject and
  • Counter
  • any Offer
  • Amount
  • Terms
  • Chat


  • Payments
  • Lump Sum

* When regulations allow, text messages can be used for invite.

Free 30-Day Trial for up to 50 Accounts
No Risk, No Credit Card Required

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Why Connect and Collect™ Works


"Outbound calling is so frustrating, when you finally get them on the phone, they have no idea what their monthly expenses are!"
Joe P., Agent

Enables Engagement

"With SettleiTsoft® Enterprise, my agents can now focus on negotiating settlements instead of trying to keep them on the phone or acquiring information."
Sally G., Manager

Benefits of Collect and Connect™


App is Available in Spanish

Direct Negotiations to Bilingual Staff

What does Connect and Collect™ cost?

Three Cost Factors determine App utilization fees:
Subscription, Engagement (Connect to Debtor App), Results (Collection Payments)

$50/month for 10 agents (volume pricing available)
$4.50/month for each Mobile App until Settlement complete or abandoned
2% of each Settlement payment collected

Free 30-Day Trial for up to 50 Accounts
No Risk, No Credit Card Required

Connect and Collect™ Now

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Our Commitment

Our passionate, forward-thinking technology group strives every day to improve the transparency of the debt settlement and debt recovery process within the SettleiTsoft® system platform and its comprehensive financial tools. We are committed to continue integrating new digital tools to improve the debt repayment process with advanced development of intuitive, user-friendly, self-help mobile applications and web-based systems to assist both parties in the debt negotiation process.

Additional information is available upon request through the contact us form.

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